Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween =o the story of a vengeful housewife

Happy Halloween Everyone!!! I've posted some pictures from my online photo class.  Well... I took these but they didn't necessarily make the class cut but they're still a little spooky and happy accidents.  Arthur is cutting me a break today but who knows, he could cut loose and by tonight my hands will look like the claws of death :(  In the meantime I'm going to try to bust out as many holiday projects today as I can. 

 Yes this is our sweet little Livia when the moon is full.

Back to Halloween, how many trick or treaters do you get? We live in a large neighborhood but there aren't any sidewalks and the yards are pretty large so we average between 15 to 20 a year.  That's provided the weather is good.  We've had as few as 8.  The lucky ducks that do show get either giant size candy bars or handfuls of the little ones.  I usually make up special bags for little ones tied up with ribbon. I love Trick or Treat and really loved making costumes for my kidlets. The hubs on the other hand is very much the dress up dud in our house.  Back when businesses encouraged employees to wear costumes, he went in a suit and said he was Bobby Ewing (from the show Dallas).  Boring!!!!!!  Back in Georgia there was always a neighborhood adult costume party.  He wouldn't go so I made sure he paid for his grinchyness.  I organized a giant babysitting party sponsored by the swim team (yes I was the fundraising chair). All the teens volunteered to help and we charged $10 for one child, $15 for two, and $20 for three or more per family.  We had healthy snacks, movies, dress up pictures, scavenger hunts, and bedded them all down in the family room in sleeping bags.  That way the adults could imbibe spirits and pick up their kids safe and sound after a breakfast of orange juice or milk and loads of frosted donuts.  

Come on, I know what you're thinking.  Why healthy snacks at night and then send them home in a glucose haze.  Well, I am a bit of a vengeful spirit.  If I lost sleep all night then the parents should at least have to deal with amped up little monkeys the next day, right???? Unfortunately the hubs thought it was a great idea and tradition was born. We ran the party for 5 years until we moved. The up side?  Our kids had the best Halloween's ever and we were the "fun" house from that time on. Oh yeah, that and we usually raised around $500 after expenses (yes, there were that many kids).

What I want to know from anyone reading this? What Halloween tricks have you employed to bedevil your friends, neighbors, and/or significant other. Also how have you given grins, giggles, and great memories to the little ones in your life (yours or someone elses). 

Have a devil of a good time tonight... BWAHHHHAAHAAHAAHAA

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So this is writer's block... working on a revamp

I've actually been doing quite a few projects so I have lots to post about and yet... so this is what writer's block feels like.   I have noticed that so many of my favorite blogs have had long absences (pretty sure I win though).  Summer does that to you, makes it hard to do all the "shoulds" in your life. Arthur will do that too and he had a real party during July and August. Sometimes my should's are self inflicted, kind of like studying all night cramming for an exam. Without deadlines in my life, things may never get started much less completed.

Mini quilt I made as a gift for a 40th Anniversary.

Huge quilt project from Hell!

I've made 2 mini quilts, 1 hobo bag, 1 clutch, had some fun, and done some dumb little projects. Started a new treatment, stopped same treatment due to a bad side effect, waited to start another treatment, ached, started the newest treatment, and now I sit waiting, aching for it to kick in. PLEASE KICK IN!!!  I also started a huge quilt which may never see the light of day if the inflamation in my hands doesn't settle down. Currently I've made 3 Christmas gifts, started another, and planned a tree skirt as well as some other goodies.  

I also have a new love... photography. (Photo at the top of this posting is mine). I took an online photo class from the Souvenir Foto School with Miss B from The Blah, Blah, Blahg and she is amazing! I will share some of my favorite shots from it. All of this has made me realize that I need to revamp arthurndi with some structured topics for 5 to 6 days a week.  Hopefully more on this tomorrow... there's another little surprise coming too!

Having fun at a 40th Anniv. party for my sister-in-law, that's me in the black.

PS If you've ever followed me thanks for not giving up when I went incommunicado and if you're new, well then WELCOME :)