Monday, January 2, 2012

Silhouette Cameo... it cuts the fabric that has become my life!!!

Hiya... Okay, okay I know I haven't posted in like a gazmillion months but I have done some faboolus things in that time that I now feel compelled to share (lucky you). I've also found some amazing blogs to pass on to you.  One is The author's name is Lindsey and she shares pics of people's before and after photos of rehab projects they've done. It is both inspiring and creative.  I check it every single solitary day and I'm always tickled with her postings. She also has the occasional giveaway featuring items pretty much anybody would kill for.  The latest is a Cameo by Silhouette.  Its similar to a Cricket but it cuts fabric, YES FABRIC!!!!!!!!!!!! If you're new to arthur and I then you have no idea how much fabric has saved me from the pain and despair arthur attempts to drag into my life on a never ending loop.
                 On an added note, I have no idea if anyone even reads or has read these silly diatribes I post in an effort to push arthur into the abyss he deserves. But hey I feel better doing it and I highly recommend posting a blog to prevent bottled up yuckiness from mucking up your daily life. It works for me.

It's gonna be a wild ride and I for one plan to go for the gusto, squeeze the juice out, grab the brass ring, get the Golden Ticket... well you get the idea.