Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So I get my days mixed up... sew what?

 The Happy Couple as Spuds :)
Who has time to make this stuff?
 Future Queen of England and I suspect our hearts, age 5
Congrats Kate and William
Okay, I know its wednesday and I should be researching royal wedding stuff, but I'm not.  I wish Kate Middleton better luck than Diana and Fergie. I do, by the way, think she is a lovely girl and will fair much better than her predecessors, provided she survives her MIL, aka Camilla the Hun. What a beast that creature is inside and out, but enough judgement for today. 
 The Not Future Queen of England (divorcees not allowed to be queen)
 No wonder Prince Charles wanted to be her tampon (seriously... he text her that) I'd hide too if I was attracted to this
Camilla's the one on the right, right???
Yesterday I actually mixed up tuesday and wednesdays agenda.  Tuesday is Phood for thought and Web Words and Wednesday is Project update day.  What you got was Web Words and a boastful project update so that leaves PfT.

This week's Phood for Thought: 
"Strive not to be a success but rather to be of value"  Albert Einstein
"There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew" Marshall McLuhan
Marshall McLuhan- interested in the media? look him up

P.S. My apologies for not crediting the photos, I found them in the strangest places with no credit info. Let me know where they came from and I'll plaster the info in bold (or remove the pics... no problem)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Ventures, A New Adventure!!! aka My Very First Art Show :)

Five Corners Cafe  Old Forge, NY

I have been crazy, insanely busy!!!! Last fall I joined an ornament swap on a blog site called FreshlyBlended.  Those ornaments went over well and have turned into some orders which has led to my first full fledged art exhibit :)  Yep... you read that correctly! I will be having my own one man show at a restaurant in the Adirondacks, called the 5 Corners Cafe (picture above).  This place has beautiful gallery walls and does a roaring business from May through Oct.  I have the time frame June 7 to July 6. Woot Woot!! (I have the July 4th slot and the month of June is full of art events in the village) 

Freshly Blended Swap Ornaments- replicas of the recipients homes

commission piece- home on Put-In-Bay, OH

I am sewing a collection of quilted "paintings" of significant architectural structures specific to Old Forge, NY. I consider myself a textile construction artist. I find it appealing and challenging to take soft textiles and manipulate them into representations of hard building materials. Here's the first piece, Benny's Ice Cream. I have yet to stretch it but essentially its done. 

 The real Benny's Ice Cream
 "Benny's Ice Cream"

I know I've done a crappy job of keeping up with posting lately but at least I'm accomplishing something I've needed to do for years... I've finally found my medium and I'm producing work... yay me! I'm still too excited to figure out I should be terrified, I'm sure that will catch up soon enough. For now I'm just going to enjoy the energy rush.

P.S. I'm going to try to go back to the schedule I set up last fall: Tuesday's web words are "netsta" and "shisping". I think netsta must be a web wise geeky hacker, as in net and gangsta.  Surely shisping is something to do with lisping the word shit or something like it. What do you think they'd mean if they were in our dictionary??? 

P.S.S. Did you hear that arthur... bwah ha ha ha ha