Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Obsession: Glorious Colored Glassware from the 60's (aka The Quest)

The hubs and I have found a new obsession :)  We did our usual saturday morning breakfast out and then looked for ways to fritter away the day.  With no good estate sales in the area we headed towards the local antique mall. Usually we stay away from these places.  Generally only about 1% of items fall into the mid century modern era and we go into "stuff" overload.  We tend to walk out vowing to throw out even more from the attic and to never bring home another item of any kind. 

And then we saw it... a small case of colorful glass from the 50's and 60's, much like the photos below from a wonderful blogsite and shop in Manhattan's West Village called The End of History Shop.  They specialize in glass and ceramics generally from the mid century era and they really know their stuff.  I'm a big fan :)   the next 4 photos credited to:  

We've decided they're the perfect thing to place on a library table between the 2 couches in our bowling alley of a living room.  I'm hoping it will give us visual interest and height without obstruction. We currently have a large iron urn full of peacock feathers.  Sounds lovely but its getting rather tired and shabby looking.

So now we have a new item to hunt down on our bargain basement budget.  Monday, $.50 day at "Norman Marcus", has always been good to me and off I went.  Here's what I found:

Not a bad start!  So until the day I win the lotto, an unknown uncle leaves me his millions, or my ship comes in, my cheap finds will have to do.  Many thanks to The End Of History Shop for providing such lovely inspiration and an education as well. Of course arthur went with me to Norman's, crabbing, sulking, and giving my joints grief.  Too bad arthur... the quest helps me ignore you.  Today is a 7 :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

From Nuclear to Neutral. Is there such a thing as stalking furniture?

The hubs and I have been slowly replacing all our furniture with mid century modern pieces. I have been haunting every vintage, thrift, and estate sale within 50 miles for the last 3 years.  Is there such a thing as stalking furniture? 

Yes, I know its on its side up in the air in my sisters garage but its the only "before" picture I have :) Notice the colonial hiccup in the middle?

My sister happened upon this little sofa along with a gorgeous vintage 60's desk at our local Goodwill Store.  This baby is so similar to the beautiful sleek couch my grandmother gave me right after college (which I thought was icky, stupid-stupid-stupid!) I just had to have it for the amazing price of $53!  It was a bit of a risk though as I didn't know if my upholstery guru could dispatch the nasty early american bastardized bit they stuck in the middle.  I mean seriously, who mixed those styles back then??? As much as I love turquoise, there was no salvaging the scratchy nylon fabric it wore, sort of like your Uncle Lester's "OMG! What were you thinking?" sport coat.  

Reclaimed and Re-upholstered.

So what's a girl to do when she needs 11 yards of rich wool neutral fabric to swath such a gem in? (We've moved so many times I feel obligated to go neutral on the big pieces. It makes it so much easier to slip them into whatever home we've landed in.)  I really wanted wool felt ($66/yd YIKES$$) but knowing that was way past our shoe string budget I started searching for a viable sub.  Woolrich Woolen Mill came to the rescue. They sell bolts of heavy wool felt coating fabric designed for the Civil War Re-enactment crowd.  A bolt is 15 yards so I have 4 left over in case someone ruins a cushion.  I instantly went from $66 per yard to $11.75!  They sent me 1x2" pieces of every sample and I ended up doing 2 couches in 2 different colors.  One in a heathery grey and the other in a flat grey with a gold undertone.  (The lovely orange monster below was purchased for $5 at the last day of a local sale.)

Another nylon 8" behemoth in need of a makeover.

On a side note, I spent nearly every vacation as a child tromping around from one battlefield to another.  My father's idea of the perfect holiday was finding every Civil War ground of engagement within 800 miles.  My aversion to the subject is beyond expression, because of course at age 8, I wanted Disneyland :p 

Woolrich to the rescue again.

I can't forget arthur (god I wish I could forget arthur), the little buggar is now trying to infiltrate my head with nagging doubts.  You'd think he'd have enough fun ravaging my joints wouldn't you?  Well enough of that. I started listing our cast offs on craigslist to eliminate clutter and made some headway in sorting 30 years of family photos to muzzle the little parasite.  I may physically feel like crap today but its still an 8, here's to spitting in your eye arthur. 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I DID IT!!! 3 Blinds conquered before Easter :) Phewwwww!

Bedroom Blinds Down

Bedroom Blinds Up
Bedroom Blinds Midway

Bathroom Blind Down

Bathroom Blind Up

Okay, okay... yes I did in fact fall off the planet for the last couple weeks or at least it feels like it.  arthur has been particularly ornery and given me no end of grief, swollen hands, sore shoulders, stiff back and the list goes on.  In spite of his mischief, Easter was fast approaching and with it were 3 empty windows in my son's room.  I DID IT!!! I got them done and hubs managed to install them quite literally 5 minutes before they arrived. I also made 3 scarves, 1 tote bag, and 2 beach bags.  (totes and scarves all hammered out Easter eve, phewwww!

Ikea fabric for totes and bags, LOVE IT!

Easter Tote Bag (our version of baskets for big girls)

Recycled t-shirt scarf as an Easter basket treat.

Easter Beach Bags shipped to LA.

Scarves shipped to LA for Easter :)

However, its been a week since Easter and well I've had a lot more fun exploring other people's blogs than writing my own. Come on, you know you've all been there (please say you have!).  arthur is winning :(  today's a 3.  I haven't given in after 21 years and I'm not about to now, tomorrow will be better :)

P.S.  I'm sure you've noticed the window air conditioner (visual UGH :P ) between the 2 bedroom windows.  Any camouflage ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!