Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Art Quilts and 2 Cups of Dirt

I am taking art quilting lessons :)  from Connie Bloom of Akron, OH.  Go to  www.conniebloom.com to see her work, its really interesting!  She's especially known for her commissioned animal portraits.  Unfortunately I can't publish photos of her work for this posting so you'll just have to trust me its worth the time.  

My first project was all about improvisational quilting with reverse applique.  I had to pick 6 fabrics from the stash that I brought.  Stitch all the layers together and sew random lines everywhere.  Then cut into various layers one at a time to create your composition.  This is what I made:
And a detail of the above:
Here's the secret to the process... 6 inch double curved scissors from Famore Cutlery  famorecutlery.com   They made all the difference for me, especially with what arthur has done to my hands (that wretch :p ).  I would recommend them to anyone who sews, quilts, crafts.  Plus Famore has a wonderful collection of other cutlery for all kinds of projects.

Now about that 2 cups of dirt... The other night the hubs cooked a bison steak for me.  (Side note: he's a vegetarian and yet he will buy and cook meat for me and the kids, another reason he's my dream boy.)  Well hubs makes the best marinade in the world, so after my feast was grilled he dumped the rest of the mix in the dirt/mulch in the far corner of the yard.  He's always done that and AJ would sniff it but was quite content with the tidbits of steak dropped "oops" for him to gobble up.  Well Livia was given similar tidbits but found the marinated mud and started chowing down.  I caught her but had no idea how much she ate.  We even took her out to Strickland's ice cream for bits of cone.  After we got home the little monkey started heaving and up comes over 2 cups of mucky dirt, BLAHHHHHHH!  She was feeling pretty low and we called puppy poison control who said to give her half a Prevacid.  
She's doing much better today :)  The moral of this story is: Don't dump anything you don't want your furry baby to eat anywhere they can get it. And oh yeah- consider those cool scissors.



denise said...

Look at that little pathetic face!! love her!

yes, I'm considering the cool scissors. I have another style for that type of work but I think these, being thinner, will get into the smaller areas.

SogniSorrisi said...

Hi, just wanted to let you know that you are the winner of the Dr. Perricone giveaway on my site. Please email me when you get the chance with your shipping info. Thanks!


Charissa - The Gifted Blog said...

Whoa! Reverse applique on quilts; never thought of that! This sounds like a great class for you. We're going on a family vacation soon and considering stopping by a quilt and textile museum in La Conner, Washington. Looks pretty cool. Thanks for sharing your new work!

Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

How cool! What a fun skill to learn.

susie q said...

I love those quilts -- what a great class! And your little Livia is the sweetest girl. What a cutie!

Thanks for your funny comment on eye spy today. That's exactly what I do -- wait patiently for those business trips and then redecorate like crazy!!