Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lotsa "New"s... or all the New you need M-F with Arthur and I

I have a New Header PhotoNew Focus, a New Attitude, and a New Daily Structure for Arthur and I. I'm hoping that by targeting a general subject each day it will help me organize my head and my life. Posting makes me feel productive and I really missed it this summer. I was ready to chuck the whole thing but one of my friends helped me realize it built confidence to put my efforts into words. The failures didn't seem so fatal and the successes led me to new endeavors.  So......

Mondays will be about photos. Some that I've taken, some taken by others and credit will be given whenever its available or findable. You can thank or blame Miss B for this leap of faith (that anyone will care what I shot). I'll also be giving you the scoop on any exhibits I've been privileged to see. There's a doozy of a show in Akron right now that will rock your world (huge pun there that will be revealed next monday)!!!

Tuesdays: Phood for Thought and Web Words. I will post a quote that I find interesting or provoking and probably why it impacted me. Web Words, well most times when we choose to comment on a blog we're asked to verify by typing in some silly nonsense word (wadop).  However I've been collecting them and imagining what they might define.  Check them out next time you comment somewhere.  I'd love to have you tell me what you think it could mean.

Wednesday is for posting Projects and Busy Work. I mean, what's a gimpy housewife supposed to do all day anyway.  I'm not exactly a part of the bridge club or bonbon set, I don't play golf, volunteering is rough because I never know when I'll wake up in knots ala arthur (the resident sadist in our house). For some reason charities and non-profits prefer people they can count on, go figure. My hubs is a CNN addict, I get enough politics at home without going door to door. I'm a rotten cook but if you're lucky I'll even treat you to a recipe and how I knocked it out of the park or threw it in the landfill.

Thursday is Worth Webbing About day: I, like most other bloggers, like to see what everyone else is up to, talking about, going to see, etc. So I'll share what I liked best or maybe the most ridiculous process, product, or idea someone had. I'm kind of a snarky little thing so expect both. 

Friday... well that leaves The Learning Curve.  As a 50something housewife and mom, with arthur hanging like a perpetual monkey on my back, everyday presents new challenges. I'll share what I've learned personally or with any luck I'll gain knowledge from the experience of the masses. Yes, I was always one of those people who had to learn the hard way, dammit. 

If this format bombs then it will be relegated to a final Friday and I'll start over. What will I lose but time and those days will tick by whether I type something or not, lucky you. Time to crack that daily Diet Coke (my drug of choice) and post this. I'm already a day behind, nothing new there, and its election day in the US. I feel a rant coming on and I don't want to waste it, it is after all Tuesday and Phood for Thought day.

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