Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Obsession: Glorious Colored Glassware from the 60's (aka The Quest)

The hubs and I have found a new obsession :)  We did our usual saturday morning breakfast out and then looked for ways to fritter away the day.  With no good estate sales in the area we headed towards the local antique mall. Usually we stay away from these places.  Generally only about 1% of items fall into the mid century modern era and we go into "stuff" overload.  We tend to walk out vowing to throw out even more from the attic and to never bring home another item of any kind. 

And then we saw it... a small case of colorful glass from the 50's and 60's, much like the photos below from a wonderful blogsite and shop in Manhattan's West Village called The End of History Shop.  They specialize in glass and ceramics generally from the mid century era and they really know their stuff.  I'm a big fan :)   the next 4 photos credited to:  

We've decided they're the perfect thing to place on a library table between the 2 couches in our bowling alley of a living room.  I'm hoping it will give us visual interest and height without obstruction. We currently have a large iron urn full of peacock feathers.  Sounds lovely but its getting rather tired and shabby looking.

So now we have a new item to hunt down on our bargain basement budget.  Monday, $.50 day at "Norman Marcus", has always been good to me and off I went.  Here's what I found:

Not a bad start!  So until the day I win the lotto, an unknown uncle leaves me his millions, or my ship comes in, my cheap finds will have to do.  Many thanks to The End Of History Shop for providing such lovely inspiration and an education as well. Of course arthur went with me to Norman's, crabbing, sulking, and giving my joints grief.  Too bad arthur... the quest helps me ignore you.  Today is a 7 :)


alamodestuff said...

Loved hearing about your 'moment' this week! It's so wonderful to meet people with whom we click!

Thanks for sharing!

denise said...

don't know if you got my note...I can't find an email for you on your blog...I've been thinking about you and your loss...

The Boob Nazi said...

I love the glass too!

Rad Runner said...

Those pieces are amazing!