Sunday, April 11, 2010

I DID IT!!! 3 Blinds conquered before Easter :) Phewwwww!

Bedroom Blinds Down

Bedroom Blinds Up
Bedroom Blinds Midway

Bathroom Blind Down

Bathroom Blind Up

Okay, okay... yes I did in fact fall off the planet for the last couple weeks or at least it feels like it.  arthur has been particularly ornery and given me no end of grief, swollen hands, sore shoulders, stiff back and the list goes on.  In spite of his mischief, Easter was fast approaching and with it were 3 empty windows in my son's room.  I DID IT!!! I got them done and hubs managed to install them quite literally 5 minutes before they arrived. I also made 3 scarves, 1 tote bag, and 2 beach bags.  (totes and scarves all hammered out Easter eve, phewwww!

Ikea fabric for totes and bags, LOVE IT!

Easter Tote Bag (our version of baskets for big girls)

Recycled t-shirt scarf as an Easter basket treat.

Easter Beach Bags shipped to LA.

Scarves shipped to LA for Easter :)

However, its been a week since Easter and well I've had a lot more fun exploring other people's blogs than writing my own. Come on, you know you've all been there (please say you have!).  arthur is winning :(  today's a 3.  I haven't given in after 21 years and I'm not about to now, tomorrow will be better :)

P.S.  I'm sure you've noticed the window air conditioner (visual UGH :P ) between the 2 bedroom windows.  Any camouflage ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Stephanie said...

Good job on the blinds!