Monday, March 29, 2010

Spiral Eye (side threading ) Needles

Well it has been quite a week since I last posted.  I found the "better mousetrap" in sewing needles online and then bought them at the Original Sewing & Quilting Expo last week.  I spent the next few days catching up on all my hand sewing including attaching all the little rings on the back of my never ending list of roman blinds project.  I still have 3 of 7 to go by friday, god give me strength & keep my sanity intact.

About those better needles... I strongly urge you to check out the Spiral Eye side threading needles at  American ingenuity is alive and well and living in a grandmother named Pam Turner, her story is on the site.  The U.S. Patent Office is so impressed with the simplicity and success of the design they did a feature article on her.  As you know (or maybe not?) arthur likes to screw with about every aspect of my life including threading needles.  I do most of my sewing by machine and my Janome has a threading device.  However everything seems to involve some level of hand sewing.  I have a stack of unfinished projects that I attacked eagerly with my new toy and it made all the difference.  You can thread this puppy in near darkness and it doesn't pop out, ever! The most impressive aspect though is the speed with which I can rethread or change colors!  I bought a small pack of the 3 most popular sizes but it does come in embroidery size needles and her next venture is surgical needles.  

If you, your mother, grandmother, beloved aunt, whoever likes to sew or wants to maintain their independence this would make a great gift. Its perfect for low vision issues or those with limited mobility as well.  I'm planning to order a backup set and donate all my old needles to the local homeless shelter. 

I want to personally thank Pam Turner for putting a huge dent in arthur's repertoire of torture.  I need all the help I can get! arthur the level of pain you inflicted last week really raised the devil with my life but I'm back on track and today promises to be a 6 :)


Jonesy said...

cute blog : ) I'm a new follower. I look forward to seeing more posts!

Please check out my blog as well.

alamodestuff said...

That needle is new to me! Why didn't I think of it!!

I'm glad you are feeling a tad better.

I've inspired myself to go find some new chairs to reupholster! There are so many great fabrics on the market!