Friday, March 25, 2011

Jonesing Jessica Jones (fabric): Meet Outside Oslo

Jessica Jones of the blog  how about orange has a new fabric line that makes me crazy with ideas! I love her subtle use of vivid colors and the graphics are mid century reminiscent. My whole house is 60's and veddy veddy cool. I can picture table linens, pillows, a bed quilt or wall hanging... the options are endless.

The stylized designs remind me of pine trees or ferns (frond), waves (skiff), spring flowers (wildflower & tulip), picturesque homey fencing (picket), and fresh cut firewood stacked (sticks). All that's missing is the lovely little Nordic cottage they belong around. She's smart though, the cottage would be trite and she is NEVER trite.

There are 2 color schemes, 1 daytime (Dawn Colorway) and 1 evening (Dusk Colorway). The daytime has tangerine, burnt orange, deep toasted orange, light robin's egg, dusty blue, rich grey brown, and creamy white.  The evening round up has rich grey brown, warm charcoal, turquoise, mustard, and creamy white. 

This gorgeous line is being produced by The Needle Shop and is coming out in May for retail sale. I'm sure Jessica will be posting where her goods can be bought by those of us not fortunate enough to have our very own fabric store. Pdf's with inspiring ideas and photos are available for download at the shop. Go forth sewers, quilters, and crafters and dream...


Jess said...

Thanks for the mention—I love your write-up! And I'm so happy you like it!

Megan B. said...

I LOVE these! Thanks -- I've been looking for the right fabrics for new accent pillows --and these are perfect!

My house is pretty darn 60's too...:)

Jackie said...

Hi Kimber,

Great blog! Thank you for visiting mine today! You had a question about my camera and wanted me to e-mail you, but I cannot e-mail as it is not enabled on blogger, therefore no e-mail address. The camera that I have is a Canon SX20 IS. Love it! Great digital and optical zoom. I think they now how even a newer model out. If you have any other questions, send me an e-mail. You can go to my blogger profile and click on e-mail. Jackie