Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nationwide Debilitating Syndrome, GSCC, being delivered in US by unsuspecting youth!

BEWARE: I'm afraid I may soon be suffering from a debilitating new syndrome.  Its called GSCC or Girl Scout Cookie Coma.  Brought on by the delicious taste and endless sugar rush, this syndrome results in a calm bliss disabling the desire to do anything beyond eating more cookies. This will no doubt turn epidemic and the only cure is for all cookies nationwide to be consumed.  News reports of hoarding among suburban housewives is rampant with cartels developing in centers of large or dense Girl Scout populations. These cookies are plainly addictive thus encouraging behaviors beyond the norm. 

Beware of those pushing boxes of eleven different types of this substance, among them Samoas, Do-Si-Dos, Thin Mints, etc. You will find them lurking outside any US "big box" store hidden behind card tables.

This scourge comes right on the heels of two other health epidemics, CCO (Christmas Cookie Overload) and VTG (Valentine Truffle Gluttony). There is reported to be a common household antidote for all three of these ills, consuming vast quantities of Boy Scout Popcorn. 

HELP!!! Must find Lemon Chalets...  

P.S. Thanks to my neighbor, Lydia, for delivering my 11 (yes eleven!) boxes so quickly :)  yummmmmmmmmmm

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