Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Threads of Insanity aka The Thrill of the Hunt...

Only a quilter will spent hours driving through a blizzard to an estate sale on the other side of East Jebubs Nowhere to buy thread. That's right... I said thread.  

But baby, did I land a stash!  Whether quilting, embroidering, or serging you use a lot, I mean A LOT of thread.  Its extremely expensive if you buy the good stuff. You'd think I was referring to a Law and Order Criminal Intent script for drug running.  Good thread doesn't fray, split, or break easily.  It doesn't jam or jump tension. Its worth every penny and it also costs a bunch of them.

So anyway, back to my score. Normally I'd be one of the first people there to try and secure the goods I wanted however there was some serious snow flying, up to 10 inches had fallen.  In the morning the interstates were all but closed.  Finally things let up about 11am so off I went.  I was lucky that everyone was after the sewing machines and left the thread alone.  

So here's what I got: 
40 spools of assorted metallics.  
60 to 70 spools of Sulky in a rainbow of colors
27 spools of Wooly Nylon serger thread
15 spools of standard serger thread
4 half yard pieces of St. Patricks appropriate fabric
3 specialty sewing feet (that I didn't have) unused/unopened retail value $75 
Some miscellaneous other notions and 5 plastic storage boxes

And what did I pay for this hoarders delight of sewing goods?  $90!  I added up the retail value (including a 40% JoAnns discount for every item) and quit at $500! LIFE IS GOOD! I would never risk wrecking my car or injuring myself driving to a sale, I was just lucky it was all still there. Someday I'll expose photos of the fabric spilling from every storage orifice, nook, cranny, closet, and cubby in our house. My hubs is a saint to accommodate my obsession. For now though I'm still trying to figure out where I'm going to stash my new stash.

About Arthur- the bastard still controls my life right now. Treatment issues, stress, etc. continue to give him the upper hand but one of these days... his ass will be mine.

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