Friday, March 5, 2010

the black hole that is our IP address :P

Yesterday was a lost cause. I spent the whole day on the phone waiting for Time Warner to shift me slowly up the tech support ladder. Then they sent out a poor unsuspecting soul to install a new modem in hopes of upping my download speed beyond a glacial pace. When I gave him the history of our account he advised us to move if we want faster service. Otherwise we seem stuck with the black hole that is our IP address :P On the upside we had the first day of sunshine in the last 60, such are the skies of Northeast Ohio.

I had high hopes of making an eternity scarf from recycled t-shirts but all I have to show is the picture above of a stack of cut up pieces. I've made lots of recyclable grocery bags from tees. They're easy to stash, stretchy, strong, & totally washable. I'm planning to have a cool completed project (or 2) to share by monday, so if you're watching don't give up on me now!

A HUGE thank you to and for finding me and taking the time to comment :) Yesterday was a 4 because of arthur and TWC :( but today is a 7 thanks to the inspiration my fellow bloggers provide.


Christina said...

We are in the same, miserable situation with our internet. Sometimes being in the boonies sucks. Actually, we have high speed internet at the end of our neighborhood road, but we've been told by Comcast that they wont bring it down the road to the dozen houses. Too much money and not enough gain. Lovely.

kimberj said...

Christina, maybe you and I will get lucky and AT&T Uverse will take our little hamlets by storm! From what I've heard from all our IT buds, this is the diggity bomba of internet connections. Because its fiber optic its not affected by moisture and squirrels don't think its creme brulee. At least the pole for all these shenanigans isn't in my backyard... our neighborhood tree monkeys like to off themselves chewing on electric cables and her yard is littered with their toasted bods. Maybe all the power outages aren't helping the web connections, is that even possible???