Saturday, March 20, 2010

the toshibatron, aka the antichrist

I had been trying to figure out where and how I can hawk my daughter's old college Toshiba laptop (aka: the toshibatron or the antichrist).  We got her a Mac when she graduated from college 2.5 years ago and she left the beast here for me to sell.  Well when master cleansing the living room I found it and the same day I found a small blurb in The Week magazine on selling old electronics. The most user friendly, let's face it the only one that would buy a 6 yr. old laptop, was  They are so easy to use and they're paying for the shipping too.  I just printed out the label, packing slip, and I have a receipt for $72 that will drop into paypal in 7 days.  I'm not getting anything special to write this, I'm just relieved to have a way to get rid of it and get her some extra cash.  So for those of you with old junk sitting around... take heart! It seems one chick's junk is another geek's treasure, yay :) 

arthur, I have been too busy trying to prep the house for Easter and the return of the prodigal son with his girlfriend to care what joint you're attacking at the moment.  Blinds to sew, Easter tote bags (adult version of the basket at our house) to make, and a goodie box to ship to LA are all in a week's work for me! you made today a 7, yippee I'll take it!  

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andrea of ffft said...

Wow, I wonder how much I could get for this thing? I seriously shouldn't complain... my Mac died last year because I didn't listen to it when it told me I was running out of space on my hard drive, so I saved and saved and then paid my son's dentist bill, and then saved and saved and then had to buy new school stuff and then saved and saved and then... well, you get the picture. My parents were nice enough to give me this *#$&%ing thing that they don't use anymore for my Christmas present so now I have my right hand back. But holy cow, there are days.... :)