Saturday, March 6, 2010

Meet Norman Marcus (Neiman's brobro???) ...

Yesterday I was fiddling with my very tiny stash of recycled t-shirt fabric and realized that its all guy stuff: tan, brown, burgundy, dark green, navy, etc.  Very winter, which can be neutral fabulous but finally the sun is shining and I'm totally feeling spring in my soul.  I jumped in the Prius and took a spin over to our local thrift mecca.  Meet Norman Marcus (Neiman's brobro???), well actually Village Discount, but we like our name better.  It beats the price pants off Good Will and the inventory is mammoth. I found some very cool tees in summer colors, a couple bracelets, an amazing McCoy bowl, and ... a gorgeous Victoria's Secret nightie new with tags (no pics of that baby). Now with no other diversions to be found I need to process the pile, meaning wash everything and cut it up into useable swatches.  Then tomorrow its sew, sew, sew. With any luck I'll have something of value to share.  
By the way, not to leave arthur out, I woke up this morning feeling as though my shoulders had been tied back in bondage all night :P  What a wonder a little Advil can be, that and a dosing of prednisone (yes I'm a cheater) but today went from a 3 to a 6.5.  Oh yeah... breakfast out with my lovely hubby every saturday always gives me something to look forward to!

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denise said...

oh, that is a good planter...I love planters of that era, name doesn't matter, but I'm really being drawn to the white and this one looks like it feeeeeeeels good, too. That satiny smooth glaze feel.