Saturday, March 20, 2010

If you never make mistakes, stop right there and read no further :p

Okiedokie.......................  well I've been feverishly working on the aforementioned blinds for my son's room and bathroom.  I cut the room darkening liner fabric out, measured for the rods, ironed it, stitched it, then realized I cut 3 the same.  I was only supposed to cut 1 that size and the other 2 larger.  Welcome to my world :p  So as I said before, if you never make mistakes please read no further or you may wet your pants laughing. And here's how things went:

Cut the liner for my son's bathroom window the correct dimensions.
Cut the 2 liners too small for son's bedroom blinds (did cut fabric right- phewwww cuz it was from a store closeout)
Cut 1 new and ran out. Cut 2nd replacement liner from stash for my bedroom blinds, thought I had extra.
Wrong!!! Had to go buy new liner for my bedroom. Lost the original design & dimensions so when I refigured, I was now short.
Realized one of the extra goof up liners fits main bathroom window that everyone hates and found clearance fabric for it. Damn another treatment to sew.  
Can't finish son's room until I do mine because mine fell down this morning. Not enough blue tape in Akron to get it to hold temporarily.  I live here all the time and he's not in until Easter.  
Cut my liners then went to measure fabric.  Again with the new dimensions so the silk shantung for my room is now 10" shy of what I need.  Very expensive and I'm bummed.
Went through extensive home dec stash searching for a sub and... nothing :(
No JoAnn's coupons, double damn, full price here I come.
Found perfect silk on uber clearance for $3, yes I didn't mistype that I paid $3/yard!
Went from 3 small blinds to sew before Easter to 7. My dearest hubs reminds me that Easter is in 2 weeks and I'm not that fast. Priceless.

Does anyone else have days like this?  I could film the return of the keystone cops with a wily cast of 1 at this rate! Laughter may be the best medicine but arthur was the only one chuckling.  I will get the last laugh though, BWAH HAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


Pink Heels said...

Thank goodness I don't have any "blinds projects" in the near future. I do not have the patience to endure the tedious nature of it. I would have to outsource! : )

kimberj said...

oh... if only my budget allowed! Trying to save to buy a retirement home/current vaca rental in Palm Springs.

liz said...

I think every one of my projects goes something like this... and we're about ready to try to make custom curtains for our bedroom.

Catch: haven't sewn since home ec class ages ago!

SogniSorrisi said...

Of course I have these days! I'm a klutz on a good day and sometimes it just would have been better to stay in bed! I know my husband gets a kick out of it, though.