Monday, March 8, 2010

Can recycled tees mean fabulous fashion?

It was truly touch and go today as to whether I would have started, much less finished a product to post about.  arthur and I were engaged in an epic battle of wits, I had lost mine and he was determined to keep them from me. However I did manage to pull it together and this is what I made :)

Can recycled tees mean fabulous fashion? You be the judge. This is the  eternity scarf I salvaged from thrift store t-shirts. I used 5 colors but 1 X-large men's tee would be more than enough with a total cost of about $3 in materials. This was so easy I'm pretty sure I'll be tucking them in the Easter baskets I send to my daughter (she is truly the diggity bomb!) and her roomie in LA. I guess I'll need to go scouting for more spring colored cast-offs! I love thrifting :)  Nice try arthur... you almost got me but today was salvaged into a 7.  


denise said...

AHA! so this is the result of fanciful clipping! hmmmm, I got me lots of t-shirts and not I got me an idea...thanks!

denise said...

yeah, if I would just proof read I'd be even better off...NOW I got me an idea...duhhhhh. LOL

kimberj said...

I'm going to take your typo as so much excitement to cut up tees that your fingers were flying :) MLOL

Pinecone Camp said...

Good for you! I'm not much of a sewer, but I do have heaps of old t's.....I think you've inspired me!

Miss B said...

Oh this is lovely! I am taking sewing classes this may need to be added on my project list:)

Thank you for your kind words on the Blahg today, it really meant a lot to me.


Miss B

Claire said...

Very pretty!