Friday, March 5, 2010

I never could take the easy store bought way out...

Bring up Valentine's Day parties to most women and you get a litany of stories both good and bad.  My favorite memories include slaving over a shoebox for a week trying to make the coolest most creative container in my class while making my own little hearts with construction paper, doilies, and markers then feverishly taping suckers or tootsie rolls to each one.  I never could take the easy, store bought way out even back then.  My least favorite encounters with this both blessed and cursed holiday involve high school and not getting a flower/candy packet from my raging crush or being turned down flatly and coldly for the Sadie Hawkins dance- picture wounded and awkward at 15

Fast forward 30 odd years and you'll find me at a Girlfriend Valentine's Day Party having the time of my life!  Better and cheaper than therapy is the communing of feminine souls who've been there, done that, and thrived in spite of it. (I'm not downplaying my husband or 2 kids who lovingly remember me with flowers and cards.)  We all scout for deals and steals to pass out as goodies.  I'm still trying to resurrect the Valentine's Box but apparently I'm the only homemade glutton for punishment, we use dollar store gift bags. We share pictures, stories, successes, miserable failures and we all have each others back.  

In the past I've made sets of coffee spoons with 5 different flavorings, little bags with hand printed notes, large lovely candles encased in handmade paper cylinders, and (pictured below) handmade stuffed heart favors with unique embroidery for each.  I have received potted flowers, key rings that make wolf whistles (my personal favorite this year!), and handmade leather bookmarks among dozens of other select and fabulous inexpensive goodies. 
 I wish I could say I started or even hosted this hilarious and not to be missed gala but I don't, I'm just grateful for the invitation.  Do yourself a favor and make this an annual event.  You won't regret it and your girlfriends will love you forever.  Plus think of all the teenage angst you'll finally put to rest :)  Arthur is now the one sucking his thumb in the corner, writing this blog brightens each day and upped me squarely to an 8 today!

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